The founder of “Mister Alberta” (Eduard Soponar) in the middle with all the participants in the competition in 2018

Mister Alberta 2018

Mister Alberta 2018 was a massive success! 9 men competed for the crown and trophy! Everyone had amazing performances and gave the judges a hard time to pick the winner! Below is the top 3 winners and the social media winner from our first edition of Mister Alberta. We can’t wait for the next year! Secure your spot now! Email us at [email protected] for more information.



Victor Tse the Mister Alberta 2018 winner

Stefan Lauritsen 2nd place

Mike Bauer 3rd place

Vijay Persaud social media winner

Thank you so much to Buzz403 for covering the first edition of Mister Alberta 2018. You can watch the first edition in the video below.

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