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Words from our director

My name is Eduard Soponar, I’m the director of Monica Model Management and the founder of “No More Movement” (a movement that wants to create safety and respect in any work environment).

I’ve began my career in the modelling & fashion industry in Calgary. I was able to experience the excitement of a high profile career but also the disappointment of not seeing the results that were promised. After a few years in this industry, I decided to start an agency that would mirror a realistic expectation of the industry – providing integrity, hope and commitment to each and every one of my models without giving models false promises! I also wanted to create a safe environment for all my models no matter of age, gender or sexual orientation. I believe that models needs to be respected and feels safe at all times! I know that in this industry nothing is guaranteed (I can’t guarantee that any of my models will be famous), but I can guarantee that I will give 110% effort to help them reach their dreams and goals. I want my models to learn something from their experience.

I named the agency after my mom’s name, Monica. She was a single mom who worked up to 16 hours a day to be able to raise me and make sure I have what I need. I don’t know where I would have been today without her! I am who I am today because of her! I truly believe that those kind of people should be remembered for what they have done! I want her name to last forever!

I’m determined to do whatever it takes to build an agency that can help people realize that their dreams can become reality if you have a team of professionals to support you every step along the way.
To Monica Model Management team success is about helping others succeed in life, that’s what we are all about!

I’ve experienced discrimination, bullying and disappointment myself, and I don’t want anyone to feel like they are not worth it! Beauty comes from inside outside and here, at Monica Model Management we want to help people see their beauty and their worth because YOU are a gift to this world and YOU are here for a reason!

Together we can make a difference!

Sincerely yours,
Eduard Soponar

Why Monica

A woman, who showed that no matter how hard your life is, you can still make it through and make your dreams come true. Monica is our founder; Eduard Soponar’s mother. A woman of perseverance and grace. A woman who wows wherever she goes. She was a single mom who had to work up to 18 hours a day to be able to raise Eduard. She is the true meaning of doing what it takes to make it in this world! Even though Monica had to go through some hard times in her life, she never stopped believing that life would get better for her. Now she is a very experienced and cutting-edge fashion designer. People like Monica are meant to inspire others and be remembered for everything they have done in life! We are proud to be called Monica Model Management and help people around the world accomplish their modelling goals.

Our Philosophy

Monica Model Management is a international modelling agency that was created for everyone out there who has a dream as we are all about inclusivity.

We are an agency based on:




Safety and Respect

We are more than just a modeling agency, everyone who comes through our doors is considered family! We give parents the gift of comfort knowing their sons and daughters are safe in any industry.

We help build confidence and encourage our models to achieve all their ambitions.  We aim to inspire and support our models in all of their passions in life because we want them to become the best that they can be, and are extremely satisfied with their results!

Our goal is to strengthen the community and be a platform to showcase the amazing talent out there.

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